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Okay, I'm done.

I tried, but I just don't have the energy to revamp this comm AGAIN. Sooo...I'm leaving completely. It doesn't really help to have a mod comm that only me and Jennifer are a part of anyway. :P

If someone else wants to take over, feel free. I've tried to get a hold of Stacey, but she doesn't have an e-mail listed anywhere.

If you want to take over and don't have mod status, let me know and I'll gladly give it to you. :P

Best of luck to everyone!


x-posted to main comm.
Hey Modly/Makery types: READ ALL OF THIS - It's muy importante.

I'm going to be doing a Member Clean-Up - basically, I'm going to make a post announcing if you'd like to stay at WES as a member, you must comment. Otherwise, you will be removed as a member.

The same goes for Mods/Makers. I need you all to comment here if you wish to stay (with the exception of Stacy...I know your life has been crazy busy).

There are exceptions to these rules (i.e. someone doesn't have compy access, internet probs, etc), but they MUST be submitted to the Member Clean-Up post.

I'd also like some massive promoting going on. I'll be making some new promo banners and buttons; PLEASE FEEL FREE TO MAKE SOME TO SHARE. They don't have to fit the theme of the comm (the black and pink), but they do need to at least say whoa_eljay_shit on them.

I really really don't want to give up on this community, but it's been floundering like crazy. Let's get something going!

If participation doesn't increase by the end of January, I'll be resigning as head mod. I've pushed this place as far as I can.

Thank you all for being here and helping out.

Much love,
Okay, so Here's the community for us Mods.
It was really hard for me to contact all of you at almost the same time, and the idea was given to create a MOD community.
Where we could share ideas, and discuss things away from the actual community.
So this is it, anything that nees to be discussed, any ideas anything at all can be said through here.
 & On the layout/background of this communty, there are different color boxes, the ORANGE one is our TO DO list.

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